Parlez-vous français?

Bonjour, I am Madame Marsh and I teach French 1, 2, 3 Honors and AP French at Don Antonio Lugo High School in Chino, California

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Teaching Philosophy:

Welcome to French. My teaching philosophy is that students learn language successfully by engaging in authentic conversations and by applying newly learned vocabulary and concepts. In order to achieve this goal, the French classroom is a dynamic and interactive environment where students talk, sing and work in co-operative groups. Vocabulary will be taught using a variety of methods to address diverse learning styles. Students will acquire language using visuals, motions, audio-lingual cues and songs . Students will start reading chapter books from Level 1 to "acquire" vocabulary and grammar and to be receptive to the grammatical concepts necessary to produce language. We will speak French in the classroom 90% of the time. Students will “play” games to practice vocabulary and grammatical concepts. Students will sing to review vocabulary and grammatical concepts. Students will identify vocabulary using motions and visuals. French will be used in communication in the classroom, to give directions and to ask and answer questions. Students will be successful if they pay attention in class and participate in all activities. The French classroom is a fun, joyous enviroment where we learn together and celebrate our own unique backgrounds while learning about other cultures.

French 1, Lesson 1: Students learn the vocabulary to say Hello and introduce themselves with a song!

Students remember the vocabulary more easily with a melody, their pronounciation from the onset is better and it is a fun way to learn a lesson.

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