Romantic Gift Ideas and Tips For Women


Every day is the right day to spoil your sweetheart with romantic gifts, romantic dinner, or romantic gestures. People may find it hard to express their love because they are not romantic enough.

Everyone is romantic, however, your sweetheart may expect you to be more romantic.

Here are some of the romantic gift ideas & tips for him & her, and hopefully can help you to spoil your partner.

A - Z Romantic Ideas

Romantic Gift Ideas and Tips For Women

A: Album, Artworks, Antiques, Apron

B: Books, Bracelet, Belts, Bubble Bath, Balloons, Breakfast in bed

C: Card (personalized love card), Candies, Chocolates, Cookies, Cruises, Candles, CDs (her favorite CD or compilation of her favorite songs), Concerts, Cookbooks, Champagne

D: Diamonds, Dress

E: Engagement Ring (Yupe, if you are planning to propose, it's the right time!), Earrings,

F: Flower (say it with flower, it always works), Gift card (create your own gift cards (you can learn how to pedicure / manicure her nails, then create a personalized gift card and you can pamper your partner & manicure / pedicure her nail)

G: Getaway, Gold, Gemstone, Gold Roses

H: Handbag

I: Incense, Ice Cream

J: Jewelry (Most Favorite Gift)

K: Kiss (your kisses), Keychain

L: Letter (personalized love letter), Lingerie (sexy lingerie)

M: Massage (long hot massage), movie ticket, magazine subscription, Message in a Bottle, mug (interlocking mugs), massage poil

N: Necklaces, novels, nightgowns

O: Opals, ornaments (her favorite ornaments)

P: Pillowcase (Couple), Poem, Perfume, Photobook of her favorite pictures, Photo frames, Precious Moments Figurine, Pyjamas

Q: Quiet afternoon in a garden

R: Romantic dinner at her favorite restaurant, Romantic walk, Roses

S: Song (write a love song or record her favorite song), Sterling silver, Slipper

T: T-shirt (couple t-shirt), Teddy Bear, Tulips, Tote, Towel (personalized)

U: Underwear

V: Voucher to her favorite spa/massage/saloon, Vases, Video of her favorite vacation places & surprise her with a ticket to go there

W: Website (create a website / blog, post stories of why you love her, upload her favorite pictures and upload her favorite songs as well). If you are Squidoo Lensmaster, create a lens for your sweetheart =)

X: eXtra large Love Card, eXtra large balloon, eXtra large boquet of flowers

Y: Your heart, Your unconditional love

Z: Zoo Trip, zzzzz into each other's arms


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