Macbook Pro Running Slow?

MacBook Pro Running Slow – Fix it FAST!

A MacBook Pro running slow certainly makes it onto my top list of the most blood boiling frustratingly annoying things. Thankfully, the issues causing a slow MacBook are usually easy to remedy.

Here are five of the most notorious MacBook pro slow triggers. Explore these simple tips and you could get that prized infamous snappy MacBook Pro speed back in minuets…


CPU Memory Pinchers

Often certain apps and programs can cause CPU overload – resulting in a tired MacBook pro running slow. The CPU (abbreviation for central processing unit) is effectively the brains of your beloved Ma and is where all the important calculations are made. So if you open up an app or program that is not optimized well, its complicated demands can put strain on your computer, giving it a massive headache and causing a miserable slow MacBook.

Check to see if any of your apps and programs are CPU memory pinchers by checking your Activity Monitor. To do this navigate to Applications, then Utilities. Now you should be able to decipher which, if any, apps are dastardly CPU hoggers.

If you suspect one, quit and restart it. This can help give your slow MacBook that much need speed boost.

Uninstall Unwanted Apps

I have a cupboard where I stash all sorts of odd bits and bobs that I convince myself I still need. Years drift by and I haven’t so much as glanced at them let alone used them, I’m the same with my Mac files. A MacBook pro slow could be a result of too much baggage weighing it down.

Grab your marigolds and give your sluggish machine a much needed spring clean and reclaim precious hard drive space. Declutter the desktop from jumbles of files, documents and widgets but more importantly uninstall any old apps and softwares you no longer use or need. Simply deleting a few items can give your compute buckets of breathing space and revamp its speed.

Specialized Mac softwares such as professional Uninstallers and Mac cleaners can make that laborious task a breeze. Unfortunately a regular good deep clean is vital to keep your Macs expensive signature speed and prevent slow MacBook Pro in the future, so investing in a leading Mac Cleaner or Apple Mac maintenance bundle now is a good idea.

Get With The Times

Keeping your apps and programs up-to-date is absolutely crucial to keep everything working smoothly. A MacBook pro running slow could be down to using an out dated program or surfing on an old browser.

Not only is it vitall that we ensure we have latest versions of everything for security reasons but it will also help to prevent frustrating MacBook pro slow issues.

There are great individual softwares that can check your entire Mac for old fashioned files and help you update them with a click on a button, CleanMyMac includes one ‘Update tracker’ within their 15 apps maintenance bundle.

Polish Your Startups

Many programs automatically open as soon as you log on ie the internet. For some apps this is handy but too many at once with leave you impatiently twiddling your thumbs for several minutes while your machine boots up.

Clean up and control what programs you want to automatically load but going System Preferences, Accounts and finally Login Items tab.

Carry Out Essential Maintenance

As the months and years drift on by your cherished Mac will require a little helping hand in the maintenance department once in a while. Performing vital maintenance tasks, such as running Disk Utility to check and repair any damaged disk permissions, can significantly improve a MacBook pro running slow. There might be be lots of little jobs that you have easily overlooked, but these all mount up and will effect your slow MacBook performance.

To ensure your MacBook Pro is always in peak condition and prevent simple maintenance tasks going unnoticed there is an Multi-Award winning software ‘CleanMyMac’ that prides its self on being the 911 software for Macs.