A BUET EEE Alumni Funded

Post-Graduate Fellowship and

Power Electronics Lab Development Program

in the loving memory of Late Prof. Mohammad Ali Choudhury

The EE/EEE alumni of BUET are undertaking an initiative to launch the scholarship project titled ‘EEE Alumni Excellence Award’ and ‘Prof. Mohammad Ali Choudhury Memorial Award’, dedicated to the memory of late Professor Mohammad Ali Choudhury, who envisioned collaboration between EE/EEE alumni of BUET living around the globe and the Dept. of EEE, BUET. Prof. Mohammad Ali Choudhury sir was a legendary figure, a great mentor as well as a wonderful human being. In his long career of more than 30 years at BUET, he served as the Head and Dean of the EEE department and was known for great teaching, and dedication to continuous enhancement of academic and research environment. His countless instances of helping attitude towards different background of people sound like stories and myths. A truly inspirational figure who died in 2018 bearing cancer.

Before the untimely demise, Prof. Mohammad Ali Choudhury sir envisioned a scholarship project for the undergraduate students which would solely be determined based on academic performance. The initial guidelines and working policies of the proposal was outlined by him. As Prof. Mohammad Ali Choudhury sir became very sick in late 2017 and early 2018, the project could not get started but a team of EEE alumni member kept following up with the department to realize this project. On January 29, 2021, the project finally got launched with modifications to address the present day needs of the department. The target is to achieve a fund of $500,000 raised within the year 2021 for the scholarship project from the contribution of the EE/EEE alumni members.


Although BUET is the best engineering institute in Bangladesh in terms of the quality of teachers and students, there are scopes of significant enhancement in research. One of the major challenges to this end is the lack of sufficient funding for postgraduate research. Usually, students enrolled in MSc Engg./Ph.D. program carry out the thesis/research work on a part-time basis besides their regular job. This in effect limits their ability to provide enough time and effort in conducting research.

The objective of this grant/scholarship is to promote postgraduate research of the department of EEE, thus improve department's ranking. Besides providing significant financial support to the award winners, it will be a matter of respect for the students in the community and will light up a sense of responsibility towards the community from which the future generation will be benefited. Furthermore, the practice of research proposal writing will be introduced among the faculty members to compete for the funding which will provoke the mentors and their students to be updated with cutting edge research. Therefore, the specific outcomes for the awards include:

  1. Promote postgraduate research

  2. Produce high-quality publications

  3. Engage faculty members and postgraduate students in proposal writing to win funds

  4. Build a strong network between EEE graduates/professionals/academics of BUET living abroad with the active BUET faculty members

  5. Above all, it will give an opportunity to the EEE-alumni living abroad to ‘give back’ to the alma mater for good reasons

Besides, a portion of the collected funds will be used to support the establishment of ‘Mohammad Ali Choudhury Power Electronics Laboratory’ in BUET.

Contributors to the fund:

Alumni from EE/EEE of BUET/EPUET/AEC or anybody who believes in the truth of this cause.

Scholarship Recipient:

Only current full-time postgraduate students (M.Sc. Engg/Ph.D. (EEE)) of the EEE department are eligible to get the scholarship.

Mohammad Ali Choudhury
Power Electronics Laboratory

20% of the collected funds (up to 50 lac BDT) will be utilized for the development of ‘Mohammad Ali Choudhury Power Electronics Laboratory.’ It can be noted that BUET EEE Department has prepared a proposal for establishing this laboratory with the approval of BUGS (Board of Undergraduate Studies). The proposed funds will help to complete the project.