Ma Organik Farms

Online Organic Store in Hyderabad

Ma Organik Farms! A Farmer’s Group

An organic and natural farmers’ initiative to grow and make accessible , Food that is SAFE, Pesticide Free and Nutritious, straight from our Farms to consumer at a Fair Price under its brand Ma Organik Farms

Ø Associated with 40+ Independent organic farmers and 12+ organic farmer groups across 10 states in INDIA.

Ø We are growing natural and pesticide Free food from 2014

Ø Offering organic and natural produce from 500+ Acres across India.

Ø Ma Organik Farms staff daily processes and sort fresh Fruits & Vegetables so the best of the Best reaches YOU!

Available Products with Ma Organik Farms

Fruits, Vegetables, Cereals, Pulses, Spices, Flours, Desi Cow Ghee , Millets, Cold Pressed oil, Honey

Jaggery & Rock salt. And many More..