DCU Floor

DCU Entrances

  • Door 02: Breakfast and Breakouts
  • Door 10: ADA and credential in hand
  • Door 11: A-L credentials not in hand
  • Door 12: M-Z credentials not in hand
  • Door 2 is on Major Taylor Boulevard; Doors 10, 11 and 12 are at the corner of Major Taylor Boulevard and Foster Street.

DCU Shuttle and Parking

  • Pick up is at Door 2 of the DCU and Union Station.
  • Saturday shuttle service Union Station/DCU Center. Shuttle will not wait for attendees at DCU or Union Station other than times outlined
  • Shuttle Arrival times outside Union Station: 8:20AM & 10:20A
  • Pick-Up at DCU Center (Foster Street – Arena Side) for transport to Union Station: 2:10pm/4:10pm/6:10pm/8:10pm
  • Delegates are encouraged to park at the Major Taylor Boulevard Garage located at 30 Major Taylor Blvd. or the Mercantile Garage, located at 201 Commercial St.


Pen or pencil, credentials/photo ID, charged cell phone with portable power pack, Final Call to Convention, Mini-flashlight (or use your phone as a flashlight).


See floor map below. Shows where each senate district will be sitting. Towns and wards split between two senate districts will be assigned to one of the districts so that communities are seated together.


Approximately 3:00 pm (90 minutes). See third floor maps below.

  • Meeting Room A: Organizing Tools and Tactics
  • Meeting Room B: Diversity within the Party and Activist Organizations
  • Meeting Room C: Executing a Whole State Strategy
  • Meeting Room D: Progressive Legislation and Engagement
  • Meeting Room E: Summer of Resistance Kick-Off

DCU Convention Floor

Democratic Third Floor Setups: Morning Receptions

Democratic Third Floor Setups: Afternoon Receptions