Platform in Action

We, the undersigned delegates to the 2017 Massachusetts Democratic State Convention, hereby request that the following amendment be added to the agenda of the convention:

Title: Platform in Action

In the Preamble of the platform, insert the following language:

Platform in Action

Our platform is the result of a months-long process overseen by the State Committee and built from the ground up by hundreds of Democratic activists across the Commonwealth providing testimony at dozens of platform hearings. Massachusetts Democrats expect Democratic candidates to support the platform in their campaigns and elected offices. Therefore we, the assembled delegates of the Massachusetts Democratic Party, demand that the State Committee and its officers, in the allocation of party resources, give priority to Democratic nominees who commit to supporting a majority of the Platform, which shall be determined by a questionnaire to be established by the State Committee not later than October 31, 2017 and completed by any Democratic nominee seeking party resources.

And additionally, make the following amendment to the beginning of each policy section of the Draft platform: Change “Massachusetts Democrats will fight for” to “Massachusetts Democrats Demand and expect their elected representatives to support:”

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