Peace in the Middle East


We, the undersigned delegates to the 2017 Massachusetts Democratic State Convention, hereby propose the following amendment to the draft platform:


“Israelis and Palestinians are equally entitled to dignity and peace.” – Desmond Tutu

Wars and interventions, bombing and drone strikes in the Middle East wreak havoc in that region, killing civilians, taking lives, creating refugees, costing taxpayer dollars. The result is more anti-Americanism and more terrorism.

Our one-sided policy that enables the 50-year-old Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories must be replaced with a policy that equally respects the rights of Israelis and Palestinians.

Massachusetts Democrats will fight for:

  • An end to US military interventions in the Middle East
  • Stopping the flood of weapons sales to Saudi Arabia and other non-democratic regimes which repress their own people, promote religious extremism, and inflame sectarian rivalries in the region.
  • Peace and security for Israelis and Palestinians through a negotiated agreement in conformity with international law and the rights of both peoples, while reaffirming our support for the long-standing US policy that Israel’s settlements in the occupied territories are obstacles to peace.
  • Rejection of any effort to restrict or discourage open public discourse on issues surrounding Israel and Palestine; we disavow conflation of criticism of a country’s policies with hatred of its people.

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