Climate Justice


We, the undersigned delegates to the 2017 Massachusetts Democratic State Convention, hereby request that the following amendment or resolution be added to the agenda of the convention:

title: Climate Justice Amendments

Add an additional sentence to Environment, Climate Change, and Renewable Energy text that reads:

“To affirm our commitment to climate justice, neither Democratic candidates nor the Massachusetts Democratic Party shall accept contributions from the fossil fuel industry. For purposes of this platform, the “fossil fuel industry” includes oil, gas, coal, and pipeline companies, plus any other energy provider that actively advocates for new fossil fuel infrastructure within Massachusetts.”

Add the following bullet points to the section:

  • “Energy Democracy” policies that support working families and marginalized communities to build wealth by owning and controlling clean energy infrastructure.
  • Doubling our commitment to renewable energy by increasing the Massachusetts renewable portfolio standard to at least 50% by 2030.

Amend bullet point number 5 by adding the text in bold to the statement, as written below:

  • Achieving the goals of the Massachusetts Global Warming Solutions Act to reduce emissions by [at least] 25 percent by 2020, [at least 45 percent by 2030], and [at least] 80 percent by 2050.

Amend bullet point number 11 by adding the text in bold to the statement, as written below:

  • Putting a [fair and effective economy-wide] price on carbon pollution[, including strengthening the existing] cap-and-trade system [in the electricity sector].

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