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Wooden Fence

Wood is a classic material used for fencing. In fact, wood fence have been used for hundreds of years. Most wood fences are post fences, made from wood panels nailed onto wooden posts. This makes them more durable than other options and means they can be used as a privacy fence or with spacing between the panels to make them look more attractive. Other options include a lattice top, a flat top, or a board and scallop picket fence.

One of the benefits of wood is that it can be painted or stained any color you might prefer. The wood used is able to be stained, ensuring a more natural look that works well with the rest of the home. If you’d like it to be a certain color, painting is also an excellent option, and there are finishing materials that can help the paint last as long as possible despite the weather. Our fence company in Merrimack Valley can help you pick out the perfect wooden fence, as well as the right stain or paint.

Chain Link Fence

For the Budget-conscious home and business owners may opt for a chained-link fence for the yard. In most cases, chain link fences are the least expensive option, though they can still look great. They’re perfect for keeping a pet or kids in the yard and separating the yard from the neighbor’s house. They’re also very easy to install compared to other types of fencing and don’t require much maintenance to keep them in good condition. A chain linked fence can also be repaired if anything happens to it.

If you’d like a chain-link fence company near me, there are plenty of options available. These fences can be coated for added durability or to improve the look of them. The coating can be either galvanized steel or vinyl, and there are options for coloring the fence if a vinyl coating is applied. The fences can also come with a two-inch mesh or a one and an eighth-inch mesh, depending on your preferences, and can have a bottom rail or a tension wire at the base for added durability.

Vinyl Fence

Wooden fencing may look great, but it’s not always the best option as it will require upkeep and repairs. Instead, you may want to look into vinyl fencing companies. These fences are comparable in looks to wooden ones but require much less maintenance and are available in many different styles and colors. Instead of needing to paint every 10 years or so, vinyl will continue to look great with just being washed once in a while. There’s no need to worry about preparing the fence for the winter, and it will continue to look great throughout the summer without any issues.

Vinyl fencing comes in a ton of different styles, including those designed for privacy, a ranch-style that can have the spacing you prefer between panels and more. They can include designs at the top, have a design for the fence post caps, and more. If the fence is ever damaged, the vinyl fence in North Andover is going to be easy to install or fix and the entire fence will look like new again. Plus, with the technology available today, the fence can be completely customized to meet your needs.

Privacy Fence

Picking Out a Privacy Fence

Having the backyard open to the world means anyone can see in. If you’re not comfortable with this, a privacy fence might be the best option. There are plenty of different fences that can be used to add privacy to a backyard, including a stockade fence that is a wooden fence with the panels attached closely together.

When the height is at least six feet, this blocks the view from outside of the backyard, adding a significant amount of privacy immediately. With the right wood, this can be a very attractive option for many yards. Our Merrimack Valley fencing experts can discuss the options you have for a fence that adds privacy if that’s what you’d prefer and let you know what the best types are for your situation. We can make sure it not only adds privacy but looks amazing as well. Privacy fence North andover


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