I am currently working on Niche Construction, Biological Individuality, Immunity, and Holobionts

My work is primarily interdisciplinary philosophy "in" biology.

Areas of Specialization: Philosophy of Biology, Science, and Cognitive Science

Areas of Competence: Philosophy of Mind, Logic, Intro to Philosophy, Critical Thinking, Bioethics, Philosophy of Environment


  • 2017 ISHPSSB Callebaut Prize for Interdisciplinarity
  • 2015 Biosemiotic Achievement Award for the Year 2015 (with Scott Gilbert)
  • 2010 Association for the Scientific Studies of Consciousness Poster Prize (Philosophy Category)


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  2. Chiu & Eberl (2016) Microorganisms as scaffolds of host individuality: an eco-immunity account of the holobiont. Biol Philos 31: 819 (publisher link)
  3. Chiu et al. (2017) Protective Microbiota: From Localized to Long-Reaching Co-Immunity. Front. Immunol. (publisher link) [download pdf]
  4. Laurent, ... Chiu, ...,et al. (2017) Immune-mediated repair: A matter of plasticity. Front. Immunol. 8:454. (publisher link) [download pdf]
  5. Chiu (forthcoming) Decoupling, Commingling, and the Evolutionary Significance of Experiential Niche Construction in "Evolutionary Causation: Biological and Philosophical Reflections" eds Uller, T. and Laland, K. ( Vienna Series in Theoretical Biology, MIT Press)
  6. Bazin, T., Chiu, L., & Pradeu, T. (under review at PTPBio). Host-microbiota co-immunity: an intimate relationship that goes beyond defense.