I lead & design initiatives to construct interdisciplinary understanding and hybrid communities.

I facilitate collaborations between scientists and philosophers.

Philosophy of Science Communication Community (PhilofScicomm) (2019 - present)

  • Founder and Co-leader
    • Co-lead online community building through social media initiatives (@philofscicomm)


Philosophers for Sustainability (Phil4Sustain) (2019 - present)

  • Social Media Manager
    • Lead online community building through social media initiatives (@phil4sustain)


PhilinBioMed (2017 - 2018)

  • Website and Social Media Manager
    • Develop strategies for social media (@philinbiomed)
    • Lead website management and updates


Philosophy of Science (PSA) (2016 - present)

  • Future Goals Committee of the Women’s Caucus,(2016-2018)
  • Media Committee (2018-)
    • Draft guidelines for PSA web presence & social media strategies


Evolutionary Studies Group (EvoSt) (2010 - 2013)

Association for the Scientific Studies of Consciousness (ASSC) (2009 - 2014)

  • Director of Communications (2011-14, paid position)
    • Lead the Student Spotlight Interview Initiative: Carolyn Dicey Jennings, Yao-Wen Hsieh, Miguel Sebastián to highlight early career researchers
    • Design the SoCal Consciousness Research Network Map ASSC17 to connect conference-goers with local researchers and institutes
    • Manage social media (Facebook & Twitter: ASSC Students, ASSC, ASSC16, ASSC17)
    • Write monthly internal newsletter
  • Newsletter Officer (2009-2014)