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Lynchburg College receives support from Izaak Walton League of Lynchburg

The Izaak Walton League of Lynchburg has established a fund to support Lynchburg College’s environmental science programs with an emphasis placed on activities aligned with the league’s mission and properties.

The group presented a $2,500 check to LC President Kenneth Garren during a signing ceremony on Jan. 28, 2015. The Izaak Walton League of Lynchburg plans to donate $2,500 annually for five years to this fund for a total of $12,500. Each year, $600 will go toward current programming and $1,900+ will go into the endowed fund until the fund reaches $6,000 at which point it will yield an annual income that can be used for programming.

The Environmental Science and Environmental Studies faculty of the College, in consultation with the dean of the School of Sciences, will have the authority to determine the use of the annual income from The Izaak Walton League of Lynchburg Fund.

Dr. Tom Shahady, professor of environmental science, already has ideas for initial work on the ponds at Izaak Walton Park property this semester. He plans to have students sample the refilled pond to assess the fisheries population. He also plans to incorporate the drained pond as part of his wetlands course. The class will delineate the wetlands, identify plants, produce a report and hypothesize wetland mitigation bank credits.

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