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To take the stress out of the process of finding and scheduling a trustworthy Gelcoat Technician/ Fiber Repairs Technician/ Surface Correction/ Detailer


Pour éliminer le stress lié au processus de recherche et de planification d'un Technicien en Gelcoat/ Réparation de polyster / epoxy / Correction de Surface / Détaillant digne de confiance

Roll & Brush Gelcoat repairs , no need for shipyard or masking

Core replacement  

Major repairs according to the boat builder method

Catamaran Sailing Team Repairs 

Blisters , cracks and gelcoat repairs

Surface correction & polishing services

Bringing your gelcoat surface back to its original colour

Attention to detail on this Carbon fiber rudder repairs

M/Y Tank repairs

Laminating in tight space

The right method give you the correct finish

Vacuum bagging before the infusion

Composites Infusion method : Anchor Cover

Final result

I use the right methods /materials for each specific work,  minimise the repairs area when it's possible, less consumables, less time, i also recycle certain products and thats's what make the difference. 

Hire a Pro, Don't Over Pay.


Monday To Friday : 8h: 30 - 16h : 30

France & Europe

Mobile WhatsApp : +33 07 49 67 30 17

7/7 24H for Emergency