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Go Away, Dog

By Joan L. Nodset

Pictures by Crosby Bonsall

Dog be gone!

The big old dog wants to play. Can the little boy make him go away?


In My Heart: A Book of Feelings

By Jo Witek

Illustrated By Christine Roussey

Read By Mr Lindahl from Horace Mann Elementary

Sometimes my heart feels like a big yellow star, shiny and bright.

I smile from ear to ear and twirl around so fast,

I feel as if I could take off into the sky.

This is when my heart is happy.

Happiness, sadness, bravery, anger, shyness . . . our hearts can feel so many feelings! Some make us feel as light as a balloon, others as heavy as an elephant. In My Heart explores a full range of emotions, describing how they feel physically, inside. With language that is lyrical but also direct, toddlers will be empowered by this new vocabulary and able to practice articulating and identifying their own emotions. With whimsical illustrations and an irresistible die-cut heart that extends through each spread, this unique feelings book is gorgeously packaged.



This is the story of four puppies: Fi-Fi, Foo-Foo, Ooh-La-La, and Gaston. Gaston works the hardest at his lessons on how to be a proper pooch. He sips—never slobbers! He yips—never yaps! And he walks with grace—never races! Gaston fits right in with his poodle sisters.


The Adventures of Esther the Wonder Pig

Esther is some pig. At just 4 pounds, she was misrepresented as a "micro pig" and sold to Steve and Derek in the summer of 2012. Over the next two years Esther just kept growing and growing. In fact, her dads often “wondered” when she would stop

Esther the Social Media Sensation


A young girl dreams of flying above her Harlem home, claiming all she sees for herself and her family.



"Goodness!" said the frogs. "Why is there a pig in our pond? The chief frog spoke up: "Ahem. Good morning. What can we do for you?"



Ask any animal on earth, what do you love about life?


Don't Feed the Coos!

When you see a coo, you will be tempted to give it a treat. Coos are adorable, peaceful, kind of silly. But DON'T FEED THE COO!



--a greedy book--

Mabel Ann and Patrick play together every day and supply each other with favorite toys. Then, some whim or explosive sense of private property forces one or the other to erupt into the title exclamation and the good time is spoiled.



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