Long Since Dispersed Genealogy

Frank T. Ryder Memorial Book.pdf
Ancestors of Mary Jane Jacobs.pdf

Mary Jane Jacobs was the wife of Azariah Rider so she was the paternal grandmother of Frank T. Ryder. If you are my first cousin, this is a great-great-grandmother. The above .pdf file contains all the information I have as of August 19, 2018 about her family which is traced back to double-digit generations beginning in the earliest Massachusetts Bay Colony. Several of you have commented that it is hard to follow the stories. Hopefully this will help place them. This is not a perfect generations report, and it could change over time. It does not begin to tell the stories of these several hundred people. Over time, I hope to do that by using the pieces of information I've gathered. Katy Ryder Finnegan and my mother Mary Virginia Ryder Wilmes both told me that their father Frank told them his ancestors were English. There are many different families here but almost exclusively, they were English Puritans, Scotch Irish settlers preceding the famine, Revolutionary War soldiers, explorers, settlers, farmers with other trades, Civil War soldiers, and struggling strivers They are an amazing story.

Catching up with the Mccourts by Ron Hardway.pdf

When you read through the Ancestors of Azariah Rider .pdf file below, you may recognize James McCourt from the story above. I cannot verify this manuscript because I cannot locate the author, who may be deceased. There does not seem to be a site with his research and notes. This is a long story and our McCourts are way back at the beginning but you will find them. Perhaps some of this is true. It certainly adds some color to the lives of these ancestors. Seems like the best that can be learned for now.

Ancestors of Azariah Rider.pdf

Earlier stories posted in the Blogger blog Long Since Dispersed provided the background for the ancestors of Azariah Rider, our great-great-grandfather.

Ancestors of Ruth Harriet Gearen.pdf

There is less proved research for Ruth Harriet Gearen's family. This is what is known or assumed as of August 19, 2018.