After voters in the Lockwood School District (SD 26) voted to explore the possibility of expanding from a K‐8 to a K‐12 district, the School District actively began the planning process and is putting forward a bond election this spring for the construction of a new high school in Lockwood. Based upon input from the community, faculty, and administration, major components of the proposed high school includes:

  • A 700 student capacity high school;
  • A comprehensive vo‐ag program and facility;
  • A 700 seat auditorium (comparable in size to Lewistown’s);
  • A 3,000 seat gymnasium (comparable in size to Laurel’s and Hardin’s);
  • A 2,750 seat football/soccer/track stadium (comparable in size to Laurel’s); and
  • Onsite and offsite improvements for traffic, parking, and pedestrian safety. Cost and Tax Impact: The estimated cost for the new high school is $49 million.
  • The bond required to construct the high school equates to 144.16 mills (or ≈ $195 per $100,000 of assessed property value).
  • Residents of the Lockwood School District also currently pay levies to the SD2 high school district, which would no longer be paid to SD2 once Lockwood formed a K‐12 district. Similar levies would be required by our District but at significantly less cost.
  • The project would address several existing needs on the K‐8 campus as part of the high school construction, allowing the School District to reduce the K‐8 building reserve levy.