1. LWCAD 2018.3 new features

New Features:

Mesh TR system

Next version of LWCAD mesh core system.

100% compatible with previous Smart Mesh system.

Removes technical limitations of Smart Mesh System.

Allows UV mapping on NURSB surfaces.

Significant speed optimization

Multi-threading ready.

All new tools based on Mesh TR are named with suffix TR.

New Mesh TR Tools:

Join - Edge Join (TR)

  • complex tools for connecting geometry (includes merge points-edges-curves, intersect curves, unify surfaces )

Explode - Edge Explode (TR)

  • complex tools for disconnecting geometry to smaller parts, (segments, curves, surfaces)

Edge Refine (TR)

  • tool for including and removing NURBS knots into curves and surfaces edges,.
  • low level NURBS detail tool.

Flat Patch (TR)

  • specialized tool for creating flat surfaces from curves or edge selection.
  • optimized for use on very complex floor-plans

Patch (TR)

  • complex tool for creating 3D NURBS patches from curves or edge selection.
  • includes several tools (Loft, Patch, Rail along singe or multiple curves, Gordon patch, Network patch) .

Soft Edge (TR)

  • special tool for smoothing edges between NURBS patches

Terrain Patch (TR)

  • new experimental tool for generating terrain patches from scene points or projected onto object surfaces.

Quad To Patch (TR)

  • tool for converting quad polygons to NURBS surfaces.

Quad UV (TR)

  • new UV mapping tool with interactive quad selection (quad polygons and NURBS surfaces) .

Non TR Updates:


  • new option to enable soft ends on the spline

Drag & Weight

  • new option modes: Single - Dual (point mode)
  • new drag point projection snapping modes (perp,tan,ortho)
  • polygons and NURBS surfaces can be dragged in a perspective viewport

Projection Snapping

  • new projection point limit
  • new modes: perp,tan,ortho