10:00 am – 9:00 pm

Awards and Final Showing from 8:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Cosplay Rules:

  1. Costumes must be entered upon registration – a simple name of the costume or character is all that is required. Students may register in advance or at the door.
  2. A student may only register 1 costume. There is no group competition. Students must register as a single entry.
  3. Students may enter a handmade or purchased costume.
  4. Each student will be allowed ONE walk-on of 3 minutes or under.
  5. Each costume will be judged on 4 criteria and awarded a total score out of 40 with each criteria being rated on a scale of 1 – 10.
    1. Quality: How well is the costume made i.e. effort, creativity, resourcefulness. Handmade costumes get a bonus in this category.
    2. Accuracy: How well does your costume match the intended character or concept being portrayed.
    3. Presentation: How well does your persona match the costume i.e. the way you move, walk and talk etc.
    4. Impression: this is very subjective. Simply how the costume made the judge feel. Overall impact.
  6. Restrictions. The costume restrictions are listed below. Any student in violation of a restriction will be disqualified and the student will not be allowed to wear the costume at the event or anywhere in the building.
    1. Costumes may not be too revealing, meaning the upper body, genitals and posterior must be covered so as not to be seen.
    2. All parts of the costume must be firmly set in place so as not to come off – this includes paint and make-up.
    3. Any prop that is sharp, hard, pointy or heavy is not permitted.
    4. All costumes must comfortably fit through the front doors of the school while being worn.
    5. Costumes of a political or religious nature or which could be deemed profane are not permitted.