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The Fence is a story about the duality that resides in all of us.

On one side of "the fence" is our cultivated, well-adjusted mask, on the other side is darkness, lust, desire, and savagery...

A chilly May night. A sleeping suburban neighborhood. A young man brings his girlfriend home after their date. They're both virgins, but he's ready to take their relationship to the next level. Literally aching, he tries every angle he can think of to help her see things his way, but she revels in teasing him, dangling promises of more intimacy in front of him, only to snatch it away at the last moment. The dreaded blue balls set in, leaving him only one option.

Disappointed, in the concealment behind the fence of her garden, he takes matters in his own hand, literally. To expedite the much-needed relief, he explores dark and forbidden fantasies, things he wouldn't dare discuss with his pure and unspoiled girlfriend...if she'll be his girlfriend for much longer.

But then the ambush springs. They weren't alone, kissing and cuddling on the porch steps of her house. Someone was watching. Someone depraved, neglected, ravenous and ready to grant a young man's wishes. But our young hero very quickly finds out that you should be careful what you wish for. Because what you get just might be a lot more than you can handle...

The Fence is all that stands between us and our animal nature. It serves as a boundary, keeps us safe and civilized until darkness falls and the enclosure fails...unleashing something into the night that is not quite human... 

"This book is five star all the way" - Isabella Belucci

Lucy, a succubus still coming to terms with her special nature, falls in love with her hairdresser. Elbe isn't the type of girl she usually falls for, but after seeing her stand up to her bigoted brother, Lucy is impressed by Elbe's confidence and energy, convinced there's more to this girl underneath her shy and timid personality.

She offers Elbe her friendship, which quickly turns into scalding passion. 

But Elbe's brother, in his religious zealousness, isn't so easily deterred...

The first reviews:

“I was taken on a roller-coaster ride with Lucy and Elbe. I am looking forward to the next installment to see just where these two go.”

“This novelette is beautiful and warm, sensitive and thoughtful. Oh, and did I mention…hot, hot, HOT? ”

“The author is skilled at setting the scene and providing succinct and yet vivid imagery. “

"I dived right in and loved it from the first page" - Patricia statham

A steaming and passionate short story of a dinner party that makes you want to skip dessert.

Lucy accepts an invitation to her friend Sabine and her boyfriend's house to celebrate the turn of the year with them. As January 1st is Lucy's birthday, she has a special treat planned for her friends. Sabine and Lucy have cooked up the recipe together, and Sabine's boyfriend Marc will be the lucky guinea pig that will get the first taste...

Lucy is Sabine's first lesbian lover. But she's in a very satisfying relationship with Marc, whom she loves to death. The only option she has to pursue her romance with Lucy while staying faithful to Marc is to bring the two together. Lucy, a succubus and master seductress, whose wanderings have brought her into the lives of many couples, knows just how to make that happen...

A few reader’s comments…

“Reading this does things to me i never thought would be possible”

“Epic and utterly sublime as always my dear - you totally draw me in and keep me hanging on each word you write”

“Had me on the edge of my seat throughout the suspense was great, nice twist leaving the end open...cliff hanger!! Want, no NEED to know more!”

“meaningful..stirring-sensual story…”

"Lusty Soul proves herself once again to be the mistress of the erotic build-up" - Amazon Reader

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Welcome to my mind

Lusty Soul, or Lucy, is a simple Flemish girl with eclectic interests. She started writing erotica to vent her mind, and to improve her command of the English language. In her free time she’s an avid reader of horror and speculative fiction of such grand masters as Stephen King and Dan Simmons. 

Her musical tastes range from A to Z and everything in between, but metal has a special place in her playlist. She fights a continuous battle to conquer her legendary procrastination. 

If she ever publishes another story, that dragon will have been slain…temporarily… 

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