Discount Drugs

Local Pharmacies

Some local pharmacies offer significant discounts on medications such as methotrexate and hydroxychloroquine and their prices do not show up on Good Rx. Below are just two such pharmacies. If you know of others, we will be glad to list them. Send their name and address to

Longwood Pharmacy

Medicure Longwood Pharmacy

Patient Assistance Programs

Most non-generic drug manufacturers offer patient assistance programs that provide free medications to patients without insurance or eliminate the co-pay for insured patients who meet certain income requirements. The website Needy Meds allows you to search for your medicaiton and download the application forms. If you cannot find your drug, ask your healthcare provider if a program is available for your medication. Your healthcare rovider will be required to fill out part of any financial assistance applicaiton and submit the application.

Canadian Pharmacies

Online Canadian pharmacies are legal and offer generic medicaitons, like methotrexare, at a fraction of their cost in the US. You will need a copy of your prescription. Below are two such pharmacies. Their listing is informational only and in no way represents an endorsement of the pharmacy by Lupus Support of Central Florida. Be sure if you use a Canadaian pharmacy that it is approved by CIPA (Canadian International Pharmacy Association).


Canada Pharmacy