About the Artist

Luna is a Ukrainian painter who has been studying in the United States for the past four years. Originally she is from Zhytomyr, Ukraine, Luna moved to Chicago in 2016 to study architecture at the Illinois Institute of Technology.

In Chicago she found the beauty of the space, which flows from one building to another. The light which like an orchestra conductor change the mood of the color and feel of Chicago with each strike of the hour. The energy from buildings and the hum of public transportation expanses, both significant sources of inspiration for her painting.

Art Shows

"RAW Chicago presents FIXATE" Metro

"RAW Brooklyn presents Art show"

"Intelligentsia Coffee Millennium Park Coffee bar"

M U S E Chicago Music Studio & Art Gallery

"Blick Art Materials"

"Peace of Art Gallery"

The Oak Park Arts District Art Banner Project

Book Illustration

The Tennis Manifesto

by Warren HarrisIllustrated by Olena Prysiazhniuk

The Tennis Manifesto is a tennis coaching philosophy and motivational phrases and ideas written in quirky, avant-garde, and sometimes dark, abstract ways, and laced with off-beat, whimsical, dynamic, mind-twisting illustrations. The Tennis Manifesto uses wrong punctuation and mostly strange and old typewriter fonts. Words that are kind-of thrown on a page, sometimes not many words. Sometimes words are spelled wrong. It gives the reader the impression of some deep-thinking, but eccentric tennis coach, or the crazy homeless guy living under the freeway psycho-babbling all this tennis stuff. It is not a tennis lesson in a book. It is motivational and inspiring concepts, one-page stories that make for an intriguing read even if you are not a tennis player. Tennis drives the book, but I feel it bursts out of the traditional "sportsbook genre square."