Below is a list of courses I've taught at East Carolina University.

ENGL 6880: Directed Readings In Creative Writing

ENGL 6870: Literature from the Writer's Perspective

ENGL 6865: Special Topics Seminar: Literary Prizes

ENGL 6865: Special Topics Seminar: Introduction to the Profession of Creative Writing

ENGL 6865: Special Topics Seminar: Style

ENGL 5860: Advanced Nonfiction Writing

ENGL 5850: Advanced Fiction Writing

ENGL 5280: Twentieth Century Poetry

ENGL 5260: The Novel Since 1945

ENGL 4510: Directed Readings

ENGL 4300: Recent British & American Writers

ENGL 3880: Writing for Business & Industry

ENGL 3860: Introduction to Nonfiction Writing

ENGL 3850: Introduction to Fiction Writing

ENGL 3840: Introduction to Poetry Writing

ENGL 3420: The Short Story

ENGL 3410: Introduction to Poetry

ENGL 2815: Introduction to Creative Writing

ENGL 2201: Writing about the Disciplines

ENGL 2200: Major American Writers

JOUR 2200: The Feature Story

ENGL 2000: Interpreting Literature

ENGL 1200: Composition

ENGL 1100: Foundations of College Writing

ENGL 1000: Appreciating Literature