My editing career began when I was ten years old. I co-edited and published a neighborhood newspaper, The Rockledge News, with a friend. We not only wrote all the articles, but we typed each copy, one at a time (this was in the days before photocopy machines).

In high school, college, graduate school, and after, I served as editor or assistant editor on various publications including eyrie, The Rebel, The Fountainhead, Subject to Change, and Circa: The Journal of the Pitt County Arts Council. From 1999 until 2006 I was the web manager for the ECU English Department; I also edited the department's monthly newsletter The Common Reader, and the annual alumni newsletter. More recently I've worked as an editor and writer for The Publicus Community, including one project that won an Addy Award.

Since 2006 I've been editor of Tar River Poetry, a nationally-ranked magazine of verse; I also blog about the journal, poetry in general, and random literary topics at The Editor's Eye.

Tar River Poetry cover photo by Leanne E. Smith.