Granular World

Contact Information

Department of Civil, Environmental, Land, Construction and Chemistry

Technical University of Bari, Italy


p: +39 080 5963 721

Luigi La Ragione

Associate Professor

Current Research Interest

Waves propagation in saturated aggregate of particles; rheology of particle suspensions; quasi-static deformation in granular materials; fluidization in saturated sand bed.

Workshop "Discrete and Continuum Modeling of Natural Systems", 28 May- 03 June 2022

Last Publications

How vertical oscillatory motion above a saturated sand bed leads to heap formation, (with K. Laurent, J.T. Jenkins and G. Bewley), Physical Review E, 2022

Wave propagation in an unconsolidated granular material: A micro-mechanical approach, (with G. Recchia and J.T. Jenkins), Wave Motion, 2020

Predictions of microstructure and stress in two-dimensional pure shearing of a dense viscous suspension, (with J.T. Jenkins and R. Seto), Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 2021

DEM simulation of anisotropic granular materials: elastic and inelastic behavior, (with G. Recchia, V. Magnanimo, H. Cheng), Granular Matter, 2020

Bedforms Produced on a Particle Bed by Vertical Oscillations of a Plate, (with K. Laurent, J.T. Jenkins and G. Bewley), Physical Review Letters, 2019