La classe de Mme. Luft

There are, perhaps, a great many kinds of languages in the world, and no kind is without meaning.

1 Corinthians 14:10

School Closures Learning


Here is a list of suggestions for you to keep your child engaged in their French language journey while schools are closed. Please remember that which is most important - your health and happiness. Working on school work is optional, my site is just tool for those who would like to practice their French. If your child is keen to practice, here are some suggestions directly related to our class learning. Please also see the menu tabs for additional learning opportunities. The goal is for students to have lots of comprehensible input. Also, the menu tabs provide more links to songs, audio book sites, and ideas to incorporate French into your day. May God bless you with health and happiness :)

Calendrier Talk site copy

Bonjour les amis presentation is part of our daily routine songs. It helps with months, days, weather and numbers. I would typically ask students questions or students would ask others questions on each slide (e.g which are the 4 months of fall? - in french, of course!). There is audio on some of these slides for the students to sing along to.

Story Listening - We do a lot of story listening in class, often the students provide the details. I will be making my own stories for students to listen to, but for now Alice Ayel provides great story listening on Her series French the natural way has at least 45 stories. Start with #1 and then you can continue the series.

Alice Ayel - French the natural way Story #1

Alice Ayel - French the natural way Story #2

Alice Ayel - French the natural way Story #3

Alice Ayel - French the natural way Story#4

Book Creator App

Much of our class vocabulary is on Book Creator in the form of picture books with audio. It also has a book for listening activities based on the vocabulary books, as well as a social science book with links to games to help with what we are learning in Grade 2 social science.

To log in:

  • Students log into the Board site and Student portal using their Board email and password (their homeroom teachers have provided this, if not, please let me know via class dojo or email)
  • Choose the app that matches the rainbow picture on the left.
  • Students are already connected to my library.