Sustainable Manufacturing Best Practices

Why sustainability needs to become an important part of our lives?

Sustainable manufacturing not only enhances our societies & economies but also our environments. Therefore, we have to act carefully and think long term what is available for us on this earth and how to make the best use of it?

A growing number of recycling companies in UAE are focusing on sustainable manufacturing practices to serve its employees, communities and environments through sustainable business strategies that help manufacturers to improve the efficiency of their production processes and to enable them to contribute sustainable business practices towards its success.

Scrap metals yard in Dubai promoting the recycling of scrap metals as a tool for sustainability in order to contribute the overloaded landfills with scrap metals containing toxins. To keep educating the public about why it is so important to live sustainable lifestyles, Lucky Group is contributing for the past several years in developing sustainable standards for your waste metals recycling.

For example; if we are not recycling copper in an effective manner and instead choose to dispose into landfill which may cause harmful effects to our environment, so we cannot get a proper advantage of the same because recycling copper uses much less energy. It is cheaper to recycle used copper than to mine and extract primary copper. Recycled copper helps to keep the cost of copper products down.

Photo reference: From Lucky Group archives