Luckenbooth proudly welcomes children and teens of all capabilities into our programming. If your child requires special accommodations, please let us know - we are happy to help.

Adapt2Act Class: This class will offer multi-sensory theatre for those with an autism spectrum condition and/or other neuro-developmental differences. Luckenbooth strives to enrich the lives of these students by increasing their access to theatre and fostering their use of performance as a channel for expression. Students in this class will also be given advanced consideration for our first Adapt2Act production of Harold and the Purple Crayon. Register Here!

Adapt2Act Production: This program is designed specifically for children and teens with special needs. Each student is paired with an acting coach (a fellow Academy student), who assists with their development through rehearsals and shadows them during performances.


Adapt2Act's premiere production! Interested actors, age 10 - 18, should register online prior to the start of camp on July 8th. Questions can be sent to