Approachable ● Clear ● Enthusiastic ● Helpful ● Knowledgeable ● Prepared


Teaching Assistant

Advanced Biochemistry, led by Professor Steven Boxer

Statistical Mechanics, led by Professor W. E. Moerner

Chemical Principles, led by Professor Michael D. Fayer

Thermodynamics, led by Professor Robert Pecora

Course Assistant

Experimental Physical Chemistry Lab, led by Professor Cynthia Friend

Molecular Science, led by Professor John Badding

Student Reviews

Knowledge and enthusiasm

"Lucien knew the material very well, and was able to provide additional interesting supplementary information on many of the topic we covered."

"Very knowledgeable and well-prepared. Cheerful disposition and made sections interesting. Genuine love for subject."

"The emails before exams were helpful. Overall, the laid back feel of section was nice. I also liked when you offered real world applications of the things we are learning."


"Extremely helpful. He sent out emails as to what would be helpful to study and what practice problems from the book would assist in learning the course material."

"Very accessible and understanding. I had a death in the family in January and he made it much easier to keep up in the class. Knew his stuff well and demonstrated a distinct passion for the subject."

"Excellent performance, not only as a section leader but as a person. Showed a lot of passion which, I felt, was passed on to students."

Overall effectiveness

"Could answer any questions and challenged us to think in section. Also very easygoing and fun."

"Always very prepared for section and very informative on the concepts."