Advanced Microscopy Tools

Advances in microscopy have led to key insights in biological structure and dynamics. By imaging and/or modifying the back focal plane of a standard microscope, we encode and decode key information that is otherwise lost in a normal measurement. This includes: 3D spatial information, spectral information, and material properties such as the refractive index.

  1. 3D scan-free multiple-particle tracking & 3D localization microscopy in a flow-based imaging system
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  2. Deep-STORM & DeepSTORM 3D: single-molecule microscopy by deep learning
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  3. Multicolour localization microscopy by PSF engineering & by deep learning!
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  4. Ultrasensitive refractometry via supercritical angle fluorescence
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Sonic Hedgehog Signaling

Sonic Hedgehog (SHH) signaling plays a critical role in embryonic development as well as being implicated in a variety of cancer types. Critically, key signaling components utilize a small organelle, the primary cilium, as part of the activation process. We have been using single-particle tracking to observe single pathway-transducer proteins as they explore the ciliary structure in order to study their dynamics and reveal mechanistic insights into the pathway.

  1. Motional dynamics of single Patched1 & Smoothened in primary cilia
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  2. Revealing the nanoscale morphology of the primary cilium using super-resolution fluorescence microscopy

  3. Robust hypothesis tests for detecting statistical evidence of two-dimensional and three-dimensional interactions in single-molecule measurements