A Card Game by Stone Arch Games

Lucid is a game of risk, anticipation, drafting, and resource management for 2-5 (optimally 3-4) players. Preparation and deck-construction takes about 15 minutes, with games taking about 15 minutes each.

In a game of Lucid, each player takes the role of a dream-diver trying to study the consciousness of their subject, while also acting as a subject trying to mislead and evade their diver. 

Lucid is an approachable game with high player agency, a great deal of player interaction, and a high skill cap. It can be enjoyed both by casual gamers looking for something quick and easy to learn, and more cerebral gamers looking to pour their thought and energy into a complex puzzle. 

Some Details

Sounds fun, how do I get it?

You can buy Lucid on Drivethrucards here. To play with 4-5 players, buy the 4-5 player expansion here.