Luciano A. Somoza

PhD candidate in Finance
Swiss Finance Institute and HEC Lausanne.

Academic job market candidate 2022-2023.

Here are my CV and Job Market Paper.

I am a Ph.D. candidate in Finance at the Swiss Finance Institute and HEC Lausanne. In Spring 2022, I visited NYU Stern, and I am currently visiting the department of economics of the London School of Economics. My research interests are digital money, FinTech, banking, and monetary policy.

I am an avid collector of banknotes and, particularly, of failed monetary experiments.


Phone: +41 79 732 2881

Address: Office 251, Extranef, Lausanne, CH

Academic referees

Diane Pierret

U. of Luxembourg

Jean-Charles Rochet

SFI and U. of Geneva

Michael Rockinger

SFI and HEC Lausanne

Roberto Steri

U. of Luxembourg