Trifecta Schools



'Trifecta Schools' are, assuming a 50% scholarship is offered, schools that meet the following 3 criteria for any given Prospect and their families.

When submitting ‘Trifecta Schools’ to LPG, we encourage our parents and Prospects to sit down and discuss this together as a family. LPG is there to help answer questions in determining the Prospect’s Top 5 Trifecta Schools listed on a Luce Prospect’s Profile.

Trifecta Schools are schools that...

  • ...the Prospect Likes.
    • Location, coaches, playing time, living arrangements, etc.
    • Level of play preference (IE: “It’s DI or bust” Prospects are hard to work with...)

  • ...the Family Likes.
    • Location, academics, personal preference, etc.
    • Finances (ie. Can we afford this added expense assuming a 50% scholarship is offered?)

  • LPG Likes.
    • Can this Prospect help this program/coach win?
    • Will this Prospect benefit from the education he receives at this school?

College Coaches

Pay attention to any Prospect that has 'Trifecta Schools' listed. If you're at a similar program to the Prospect's Top 5 Trifecta Schools, you're in luck. Now you know what...

1. The Prospect likes.

2. The family feels comfortable with financially. (assuming a 50% scholarship is offered)

3. The level of play LPG feels this Prospect can excel at.

LPG Prospects/Parents, you can submit your ‘TRIFECTA SCHOOLS’ by clicking HERE.