So, who are we? And what do we do?

The LUCE PROSPECT GROUP provides professional marketing, exposure, and personal one-on-one guidance for every high school and junior college student-athlete we accept into our program currently going through the college recruiting process.

Mentoring, training, and personally consulting every high school or JUCO athlete that becomes a Luce Prospect is our #1 Priority. Since 2014, our Prospects have earned more than $3.9 million in college scholarships.

The LUCE PROSPECT GROUP was created in 2014 with the vision that YOU come first.

If you feel LPG may be a fit for you, you can BECOME A PROSPECT or CONTACT US.

Do we help everyone?

No. Although we’d like every high school athlete to get the chance at playing at the collegiate level, we know that it’s just not possible. The LUCE PROSPECT GROUP hand-selects each and every athlete that enters the program through an application and formal meeting process.

It is this attention and individual approach to each family that separates us from the rest. You are the priority. Our priority is not our website, not the money, and not the advertising. It is you. As a LUCE PROSPECT parent, your athlete will get the exposure they need, and the attention they deserve.

LPG Prospect report

If we approve your application through our evaluation process, you’re good to go. Immediately after signing up, our professionals begin to create a personal student-athlete interactive PROSPECT REPORT.

On this profile the student-athlete and his/her family will have unlimited updates so that the profile will always be current. Our video production team will take video footage you submit and embed your online videos into your Recruiting Profile for all college coaches to see (more info on the video later).


Next, we approach coaches and programs on your behalf from personalized and direct e-mails, phone calls, and even text messages. These emails and contacts are done straight from the hands of our recruiting professionals. Our work is not done through some generic "mass e-mail" system!

We pride ourselves on our personal, hands-on approach when working with our prospects as well as our direct contacts and communication with coaches at the next level. We regularly engage in follow-ups and direct phone conversations with college coaches and recruiting coordinators on your behalf.

Can you do it without us? Well, you can try...

Don't be misled by people who will tell you that “you can do it all by yourself.” There are thousands of parents and athletes emailing college coaches each and every year.

Your Prospect is already a needle in haystack. Do you REALLY think college coaches are searching through the thousands of parent and athlete-sent emails, YouTube videos, and other recruiting websites looking to dole out scholarship money and roster spots?

Don't be fooled or lied to. They're not. Coaches recruit athletes that they are informed about via their staff, scouts, and through trusted sources like the LUCE PROSPECT GROUP. Coaches also recruit from their live, direct and in-person recruiting efforts at actual events, camps and combines. The key is already being on their radar before attending these events. We specialize in making that happen.

Wouldn't it be nice to just play the game and not worry about anything else?

As a Luce Prospect, that's our goal: to help you eliminate outside distractions so you can focus on what matters most. Recruiting is just one of the many benefits you receive if you become part of The Elite.

We want to help you. So let us.

In time, you'll find that there is nothing more rewarding knowing the time and money invested in your son or daughter paid off in the end. Why enter the vast world of college recruiting without a guide? Let us be your light in the dark.




'Recruiting company' is a nasty phrase these days. We agree with you.

At LPG, we're more on the player-development side of things.

We guide young PEOPLE, we answer questions, we give advice, we help.

Recruiting quality talent is tough.

Recruiting quality talent with quality character is even tougher.

LPG provides professional marketing, exposure, and personal one-on-one guidance for every athlete we have the privilege of mentoring during the recruiting process.