Road Run 2018

On Saturday 30th June '18, these 11 vehicles set off from the Holly Bush Inn, Little Leigh, to tackle a Road Run. All but two completed the 14 mile run, the other two taking a short cut back to the Holly Bush but still completing 8 miles.

There were one or two pub stops along the way, followed by a great evening back at The Holly Bush.

All these engines are owned by our members.

Many more fantastic photos of the day, taken by Ben Matthews of Salop Steam Photography can be seen here and here and here.

Aveling & Porter General Purpose Engine

No. 8401

Built: 1914

Aveling & Porter Road Roller

No. 10905

Built: 1924

Aveling & Porter Road Roller

No. 8727

Built: 1916

Aveling & Porter Tractor

No. 11839

Built: 1927

Bregazzi Steam Buggy

No. 1

Built: 2010

Burrell Tractor

No. 3862

Built: 1921

Clayton & Shuttleworth General Purpose Engine

No. 46059

Built: 1913

Foden Tractor

No. 13630

Built: 1930

Marshall Road Locomotive

No. 57304

Built: 1911

Marshall Road Roller

No. 74450

Built: 1921

Wallis & Steevens General Purpose Engine

No. 2394

Built: 1897