Candidates Wanted!

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LTDO is looking for quality candidates for 2020 and 2021. We are conduction a weekly training class beginning Saturday, June 1, 2019 (note revised date) continuing approximately 20 weeks through October 2019. Classes will be held at 6008 Lenox Ct., Lisle, from 8:30-10am. Each class will have a video and document available shortly thereafter for students attending. It is possible to attend remotely or to go at your own pace. Many highly experienced people will be teaching. Come to a highly informative training on how to run for the next set of offices in November 2020 and April 2021!

Topics covered will include your 2 minute pitch, walk pieces, postcards, mailers, petitions, campaign plans, roles in campaigns, voter files to target certain populations, targeting, how to file your donations properly, opposition research, fundraising, social media, messaging and communication, voter contact, campaign plans, and dealing with negative campaigning. A one day or weekend class can only cover so much; a lot will happen during your race for which you will need a group building a campaign with you. You will be paired up with candidate partner or mentor (whichever you prefer and we have).

If you think you have the right stuff or know someone who does and would like to learn more about a position in Lisle Township, please contact me at or fill in this form (please act promptly so materials can be prepared). If you can't make the start of training please contact me to start when you can.

If you want a better functioning democracy we need people who want to run for office who will do a good job as a candidate and once elected. Think about it and pass this along to a friend who you think would be a good elected official.

Positions open in Lisle Township in 2020

  • State Representatives In District 41 vs. (R) Grant Wehrli and (R) Amy Grant 42
  • Circuit Judge (1-3 candidates depending on how many vacancies)
  • States Attorney vs. (R) Robert Berlin
  • Circuit Court clerk vs. (R) Chris Kachiroubas
  • County Auditor vs. (R) Bob Grogan
  • Coroner vs. (R) Richard Jorgensen
  • Recorder vs. (R) Fred Bucholz
  • County Board 2 vs. (R) Sean Noonan
  • County Board 3 vs. (R) Brian Krajewski
  • County Board 5 vs. (R) James Healy
  • County Board 6 vs. (R) Bob Larsen
  • Forest Preserve 2 vs. (R) Jeff Redick
  • Forest Preserve 5 vs. (R) Mary Lou Wehrli

Positions open in 2021 Municipals

  • Clerk of Bolingbrook
  • Bolingbrook Trustees (3)
  • Downers Grove Commissioners (3)
  • Mayor of Lisle
  • Village of Lisle trustees (3)
  • Lisle Library Board members (4)
  • Naperville City Council members (4)
  • Woodridge Mayor
  • Woodridge Clerk
  • Woodridge Trustees (3)
  • Woodridge Library Trustees (2-3)
  • Lisle Township Supervisor, Highway, Commissioner, Assessor, Clerk, 4 Trustees
  • School Districts 202 (3 or 4), 203 (3 or 4), 99 (3 or 4), 68 (3 or 4), 58 (3 or 4), 502 (2 or 3)