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Concealed Handgun Classes are forming now!

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“Democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting on what to have for dinner. A Republic is a well-armed sheep.” -Credited to Ben Franklin, 1759

The State of Texas Legislature has authority over the carrying of guns in the state of Texas and can change the laws that allow us to carry handguns every two years when they meet.

Concealed Handgun Training Class

Classes are typically held in the Big Country area but we can schedule classes in other areas as needed. We try to design our classes to fit the group we are teaching and base our prices on what we furnish and provide.

Obtaining a permit to carry in the State of Texas now requires a 4 to 6 hour Concealed Handgun License Certification Course which is outlined by the Texas Department of Public Safety (TXDPS).

You need a good basic knowledge of your handgun and its operation to qualify on the range, shooting center of mass a total of 50 rounds at a B27 target. This is done from the following distances:

  • 9 feet

  • 21 feet

  • 45 feet

*** You must have a score of 175 out of a possible 250.

Most people do not have a problem with the qualification if they can safely load, charge and shoot their handgun. If you need private instruction on the use of your handgun, let us know. You will need glasses, hearing protection, ball cap, handgun and 50 rounds of (FACTORY) proper caliber ammunition (NO HAND-LOADS). Be sure to bring 50 rounds of the proper ammunition. If you are missing any safety equipment we have extras for you. If you need to borrow a handgun to qualify please make arrangements prior to class. There is no longer a minimum caliber restriction on qualification handguns.

The 4 to 6 hour class covers:

  • Child safety

  • Dispute Resolution

  • Review of the DPS handbook on

  • Use of Force

  • Knowledge of Law

  • Restrictions and Punishment for violations

  • Identification of proper signs

The last thing before the 25 question exam is a review of material covered in class.

Gun knowledge, preparation and range qualification is in addition to the 4-6 hour class.

Do not expect to get out of class earlier as the instructor must cover the required material in order to meet the state law's requirements.

B-27 Target

  • When you have completed the class and test, you will file an application to the Department of Public Safety, License to Carry.

  • The basic fee is $40.00 unless a special exception such as senior, law enforcement, active military, a veteran or one listed on the DPS website.

  • You have two years from the date of class to complete your application with your LTC-100 but cannot carry until you have the license in hand.

  • When the application is in place then you can set up an appointment to get your fingerprints completed with their company. That charge is around $10.

  • It normally takes 40 to 60 days for the state to get your license completed.

  • The licensee must renew with the State every 5 years.

Bransford, Inc. is a Texas corporation doing business as and to provide training for application for a License to Carry in the State of Texas and gun safety training.

Its employees, Ross W. Bransford (Certificate 00002707) and Dorothy M. Bransford “Dottie” (Certificate 00004326) are both certified License to Carry instructors in the state of Texas. Both are certified by NRA to teach Refuse to be a Victim, rifle, shotgun and handgun classes. Ross is a range safety officer.

Both were raised in central and south Texas and have always been involved in hunting, hiking and shooting. After service in the US Air Force, Ross built and operated a marina and confiscated equipment yard in the Florida Keys.

In the early 1980’s they returned to Texas and have owned and operated several related business in central Texas. Dottie has been a legal assistant and worked in the legal field in Texas and Florida for 47 years. Their experience and backgrounds give them a special perspective for teaching classes on the use of force as a defense. They have been teaching the Licensing courses since 1997 and have trained over 20,000 students.

Our goal is to provide the best information and training to all ages and groups. We assist several groups with public information and gun safety instructions. If you know of a group we can assist or you have any questions, please call our office.


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