LSST UK Multi-Wavelength Data Fusion Workshop

(25th - 27th September 2017)

A workshop to bring together experts interested in combining multi-wavelength data from X-ray, infra-red, millimeter and radio surveys with optical data from LSST. We will discuss the challenges of combining key multi-wavelength datasets from surveys with UK leadership (e.g. XMM-Newton, VISTA, Euclid, Herschel, LOFAR, SKA) with the LSST data. We will put together a plan for bench-marking and testing existing algorithms as well as developing new methodology for data-fusion that will be relevant in the LSST era.

The scientific focus will be LSST:Galaxies and AGN science over both the LSST-Wide and Deep Drilling Fields area.

In order to encourage active discussion among participants and due to space restrictions, the workshop will be limited to ~30-40 participants. Early career researchers (students, postdocs) are particularly encouraged to attend.

Location: Kavli Institute for Cosmology and Institute of Astronomy, University of Cambridge

SOC: Manda Banerji (Cambridge), David Alexander (Durham), Philip Best (Edinburgh), Matt Jarvis (Oxford), Richard McMahon (Cambridge), Seb Oliver (Sussex), Kathy Romer (Sussex)

Invited Speakers from US Collaboration: W. N. Brandt (Penn State), H. Ferguson (STSci), M. Graham (U. Washington; LSST Project Team)

For more details contact: Manda Banerji (