Life Sciences and Health Informatics


Intended learning objectives of this course

Gain knowledge of the main concepts in the field of health informatics and life sciences, and gain expertise in evaluation research in this field; study medical apps. Contribute to the health informatics field by writing a paper and design an app.

After attending this course you are able to:

· Explain the main concepts in the field of medical informatics.

· Can evaluate a research study based on different criteria (such as study design, approach, the synthesis of the results of the study etc.) in the field of life sciences and health informatics.

· Have enough knowledge of application of IT in the domain of health informatics.

. Can apply state-of-the-art techniques to design a new system for a type of user in this field.

· Is able to write a paper in the field of life sciences and health informatics.


Medical Informatics - Practical Guide for the Heathcare professionals (third edition) Robert E. Hoyt

The name of the articles are provided in the assignments.


18-06-2017: Groepsindeling zal morgen door middel van lootjes trekken worden bepaald.

18-06-2017: Later wordt de indeling van de presentaties bekend gemaakt.

12-06-2017: Let op! Aanwezigheid voor de eindpresentaties (18 en 19 juni) is verplicht. Voor meer info zie de slides van het laatste college.

24-05-2017: Reminder: Send your presentation which is representing your idea and the answers of your assignment 4, befroe Sunday 4th of June, 15:00 hour to M. Askari.

24-05-2017: This is an interesting event for some of you for your final assignment. Registration is required!

22-05-2017: Send your presentation which is representing your idea and the answers of your assignment 4, before Sunday 4th of June, 15:00 hour to M.Askari.

13-05-2017: Here is the schadual of the presenations including the sequence:

Group 1 Monday 15-05

Group 3 Monday 15-05

Group 4 Monday 15-05

Group 8 Monday 15-05

Group10 Monday 15-05

Group 2 Tuesday 16-05

Group 7 Tuesday 16-05

Group 6 Tuesday 16-05

Group 9 Tuesday 16-05

Group 5 Tuesday 16-05

07-05-2017: All the materials what we discuss during the lectures are part of the exam.

24-04-2017: The groups are made. Please check the sheet on the drive to which group you belong. If there are problems and you can not access the assignments or slides let me know.

19-04-2017: Please read the news often for the latest announcements and possible changes. Important: Always rely on the information on this website regarding this course.

Important: Be aware that the first lecture is compulsory on the 24th of April. If you do not show-up, you cannot follow the course.


See slides of the first lecture



–Attendance is required. You can miss the class only up to two times. After that, there will be penalties.

–Lab sessions and the presentations are compulsory.

–Excuses for non-attendance to

§Delivering (60% final grade):

–Presentation of medical informatics concept (10%).

–Passing the exam(30%). Answer as much as questions as you can. No second chance.

–Lab assignment 1 and 3 (pass/ not passed).

–Presentation of your idea , assignment 4 (10%).

-Final presentation (10%)

§Final paper/ Proposal (deadline June 26th 23:59):

–Grade (40% of your final grade).

–Opportunity to resubmit if grade is between 4.5 and 5.5.

–No resubmit opportunity if grade is lower than 4.5 or higher than 5.5.


Assignment 1 and 3: Email the assignment inclusing your answers to Donatas before the deadline!

Rules for presenting the concept (assignment 2):

I. Studying the concept.

II. Each group will present one concept (book as reference).

III. Do not rely only on the book, search and gain knowledge about your concept.

IV. Make your presentation richer with the knowledge you gained extra.

V. Presentation needs to be max 20 min.

VI. You will be evaluated based on: depth, length, clearness, quality, etc.

Assignment 4/5: will be announced later!


For the questions about this course, please contact the lecturer dr. Marjan Askari:

Visiting Address

Universiteit Utrecht

Department of Information and Computing Sciences

Buys Ballot Laboratory, office 583

Princetonplein 5, De Uithof

3584 CC Utrecht

The Netherlands

Assistent :

Donatas Rasiukevicius