Lester Bell, proprietor of L.R.Bell Stove Service and Maintenance, and Leah Bell, business partner, collect the name, address and contact details of customers and store them on a secure database.

In addition to this a brief history of work undertaken, issues raised and rectified and any other details relevant to your installation are kept and regularly updated.

The purpose of collecting this information is to be able to contact customers for repeat business and to troubleshoot any issues that may arise regarding the use of your solid fuel appliance.

All new customers are asked to give their consent to being part of this database and show their consent by signing a document to that effect. Any who choose not to sign are not kept on record and will not be contacted regarding future maintenance work. We recommend signing up to this database as then we can remind you when your appliance is due for servicing, meaning you don’t have to worry about remembering yourself, also we can better offer support should any issues arise, as we will be able to refer to a history of your appliance.

We will only share your information with other companies with your expressed consent. For example, many customers ask us if we install solid fuel appliances? Since we do not, we suggest the names of businesses we recommend to carry out this work, and very often we are asked to contact them on a customer’s behalf.

All individuals included on the database have the right to obtain a copy of all data held relating to them at any time, they also have the right to have their information removed from our database at any time. Doing this means they cannot be contacted regarding any future work. Any information requested will be given in the simplest and clearest form possible, however please bear in mind that some of the information recorded may be of a technical nature which may make simplicity and clarity a challenge.

If you have any concerns on how your information is stored and used or would like any clarification or assistance, please feel free to contact us.