from June 7th to June 25th 2021

Loop Quantum Gravity

Online Summer School

organized by the Quantum Gravity teams of the
CPT (Marseille) and ENS Lyon

Welcome to the 2021 Loop Quantum Gravity Summer School!

This year the LQG summer school school is online. We shall not have the pleasure of gathering, getting to know new people directly, and learning from one-to-one conversations, but we will do the best to make this enjoyable and fruitful.

The school covers the basics of Loop Quantum Gravity and related topics and introductions to hot research topics. These include the basics of the spin network and spin foam formalisms, applications to the early universe and black holes, group field theory and random geometry formalisms, quantum information techniques for quantum gravity, numerical methods and possible lab experiments on quantum superposition of geometries.

The school aims to introduce this sparkling and vibrant research topics. It is meant for students and researchers with no a priori background in background independent quantum gravity.

We plan 44 hours of classes spread over 11 days of June (7-8-10-11, 14-15-17, 21-22-24-25), look at the schedule for more details. A discussion session is planned during the breaks.

We are aware that the time of the classes is not compatible with all the time-zones around the world. All the classes will be recorded and uploaded on YouTube . If you are watching a recorded lecture and you want to ask a question please use this form.

The lectures


Loop Quantum Gravity,

spin networks and spin foams

lectures by Prof. Maïté Dupuis

Black Holes :

Classical and Quantum Theory

lectures by Prof. Alejandro Perez

Group Field Theory

and random geometries

lectures by Prof. Edward Wilson-Ewing and Prof. Valentin Bonzom

QFT in curved space-time

and applications to (L)QC

lectures by Prof. Ivan Agullo and Prof. Mercedes Martín-Benito

Quantum Information

for Quantum Gravity

Symmetries and Conserved Charges

in General Relativity

lectures by Dr. Marc Geiller

Advanced Topics

Black Hole to White Hole transition

lecture by Prof. Carlo Rovelli

Numerical Methods in LQG

lecture by Dr. Pietro Dona

Effective Spinfoams & Renormalization

lecture by Prof. Hal Haggard and Dr. Seth Kurankyi Asante

QG experiments

lecture by Dr. Andrea Di Biagio

Gravitational Waves & Prospect for QG

lecture by Prof. David Nichols

The infrared triangle in quantum gravity

lecture by Prof. Andrew Strominger

If you are interested in participating to the school please register. Registering is free and helps enormously the organization of the school.

How to connect

You received an email with the Zoom meeting ID and password and the link to connect directly to the classes.

Previous editions of the school

June 9th-16th, 2019 - Bard summer school on Quantum Gravity - Bard College, NY, USA.

February 28th -March 13th 2011 - 3rd Quantum Gravity and Quantum Geometry School - Zakopane, Poland.

September 13-20, 2009, 2nd School and Workshop on Quantum Gravity and Quantum Geometry, Corfu, Greece.

March 23th -April 3rd 2007 - 1st Quantum Gravity and Quantum Geometry School - Zakopane, Poland.


The school is organized by Etera Livine from Laboratoire de Physique, ENS de Lyon and Pietro Dona from CPT, Marseille.