4 Useful Tips To Help Save Your AC Unit During The Winter

When winter rolls in with its cold air and a blanket of snow, people quickly shift to using their heaters for staying warm and snug in their homes. As they focus on maintaining a suitable level of warm indoor air, the need to properly maintain an AC unit is not a priority throughout the wintertime, and that can be problematic to the unit. The average AC unit has a lifespan of 12-15 years, but for it to live out its full lifespan, it needs proper care. Knowing this means, attention for AC units during the harsh winter weather is essential to get the best and longest service out of the system. Following the owners manual is often very useful for preventive maintenance procedures.

Homeowners can also help delay the need for a new air conditioning installation when they pay attention to maintaining their units during winter. By implementing the following protective measures during the winter months, they can help guarantee longer life and functionality for their air conditioning units.

1. Switch off the unit

The first line of defence in protecting an AC unit during winter is switching it off. Do this by locating the AC circuit, opening the lid and flipping the switch to off. Turning off the circuit switch prevents the unit from automatically turning on during warm winter days, which can allow water to enter and freeze inside the unit

2. Keep the unit clean

Keeping the AC unit clean can also help with wintertime defence. Use a hose and wash off any unwanted debris such as dead insects, bird droppings and dirt, that can damage, or clog, it's components. Also remove any leaves, small twigs and grass cuttings that are in, and around, the unit. Make sure to let the Ac unit dry thoroughly

3. Keep the unit covered

To help avoid the need for a new air conditioning installation, keep the unit covered fully to protect it from the weather and damaging debris. For the best protection, use waterproof material such as plastic or vinyl, and if possible, source a pre-made cover from the unit's manufacturers

4. Inspect the unit weekly

It's necessary to monitor the air conditioner at least once per week to ensure it is still suitably covered. The weekly inspection should also involve the removal of any snow, ice, or water from the unit. Removing all pine cones, twigs, and leaves from the cover is also essential.

As you keep up efforts to care for your AC unit during the winter months, it is a good practice to include at least one expert assessment during the season. A professional HVAC consultant can help identify issues and solutions such as the need for cleaning a plugged Evaporator Drain or cleaning the Evaporator Coil, which in most instances, cannot be assessed and handled by nonprofessional maintenance.

To receive a professional evaluation on how your AC system is surviving the winter, reach out to us today so we can help you avoid the expense of a new air conditioning installation.