Low-code Application Development Platform

WaveMaker Inc. is a company that brings the wavemaking platform to the customers. It combines the Rapid action development (RAD) with the Platform as a service (PAAS) to the customers who are looking to get quick creation of the customized apps which are browser delivered (Responsive web) or the installed device (hybrid mobile apps).

The platform offered by this company helps to remove the obstacle in building the apps. They do it with the help of good UI and by using the popular framework and the products which are industry standard. The WaveMaker apps are also with the RESTful API and cloud deployment scale well.

This company is the portfolio of the company Pramati technologies, which was established in 1998. The parent company was the business incubator and was also the enterprise software company. The company had workforce of around 1200 engineers.

Pramati technologies acquired WaveMaker from the VMWare Inc. It redeveloped the WaveMaker for the current needs of the market. This company is located in Mountain View, California. This company also serves customers from the offices located internationally, i.e. in India, US and UK.

This low code platform company makes sure to meet every needs and requirements of the customers and this is why they ensure that the apps are faster and easier to build without facing any hassle. This company believes that everyone has got the necessary skills and the ideas, which are used for building the future apps. The main role of this low code company is to equip the app builders and also augment the efforts of the app makers with the help of the necessary technology and the support. It offers low code development.

Low-Code Development

There are various great reasons to choose, this low code development platform WaveMaker. First of all, the WaveMaker is good for businesses and the data is very clear and easy to understand. Also, no other solutions are comparable to the solutions by this low code application development, which are provided by the WaveMaker to the customers. WaveMaker is flexible and open and there are no lock ins, deployment freedom and also open standards. The no lock ins provide the open source runtime for the total independence of the vendor and helping to export project as ZIP and the edit of code in another IDE. With the help of WaveMaker, the customers will be able to deploy their applications anywhere they prefer, such as: private cloud, on premise or public cloud. The open standards by the WaveMaker are based upon the technologies and the framework which is trusted by over millions of developers.

This trusted platform, which is enterprise grade are battle tested in various sizes of organization and with varying levels of complexity. This low code app development platform WaveMaker will provide the customers with the best and enhanced security, proven and effective technology and continuous delivery, support which is SLA based and reliable business partner and modern architecture. The composable architecture is based on the microservices and APIs and this is aimed to the modern enterprise. It offers the customers with consumer grade UX, reusable components, microservices architecture and containerization .

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The customers will be easily be able to get started with the 30 day trial which is risk free and they will not require any credit cards, without any hassle. This platform works for everyone. There are various benefits for the customers such as: it will help to increase the velocity of the business, it helps to simplify the development of the app and it helps with adhering to the standards of IT and it will help with providing the best enterprise grade app. For the IT teams, this company and its platform help to provide with by getting rid of the shadow IT, helps to improve the productivity and offers no vendor lock ins and it also helps with the seamless integration. For the CIO, it helps to foster the digital innovation in business, speed up with the help of the Rapid action delivery, it helps to bring down the operation cost of IT and it helps with the modernizing of the legacy applications.

Low Code Development Platform

This company offers various benefits to the customers such as, 2 times faster delivery, uses 50% less resources and it costs 43% less. It also offers a 360 degree visibility, which helps the customers with having the proper idea with the help of only a single click, the customers will also get future proof app and the apps from this platform are pre-tested, which are guaranteed to generate code, the app is scalable and the typical go live process much faster.

The customers will also be able to schedule for a consultation with this company. Some of the services that customers will get from this company are: business case development, UI design, APP proof concept, complete app development, API development and managed services without any hassle

Website:- https://www.wavemaker.com/low-code-app-development-platform/

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