We are gathering resources to develop helpful information and support services for people lonely for love. If you are having difficulty finding the love you want, we apologize that these services are not yet available. Please do not contact Love Not Anger for personal support, advice or assistance.

Mental Health Support

We encourage you to speak about your situation to optimistic and supportive people who won't reinforce your anger or sadness. This could be a friend, family member, support group, or someone else, who has agreed to listen to your personal story.

We also encourage you to speak to a mental health professional about your situation. Here some tips for selecting a therapist. You could check out some free and low cost mental health resources and who to talk to when you can't afford therapy.

If you are feeling desperate or suicidal, please contact a crisis centre on this US, Canada & international list or this international list for telephone or online chat.

We discourage you from joining the "incel" forums that foster disrespect for women, hatred and violence.

Dating Advice

Here are some articles and advisors we have found. All these resources view women and men as individual humans worthy of respect. You may find yourself learning something helpful from a resource aimed at people in a different country, age group, gender, ability level or situation.

Where to get help if you're struggling to find love, sex and companionship - Many good strategies from LifeHacker.

Dr Nerdlove: Dating advice aimed at geeks, mostly men but everyone welcome. Example: Blunt talk to a guy tempted to take the incel red pill.

Captain Awkward - excellent advice column about spectacularly awkward situations in relationships, families and friendships. By an American woman but open to all. Good stuff on fat acceptance when dating.

Helping Joe, a series of podcast stories about a man learning about dating women. Aimed at young hetero guys.

BishUK: lots of great articles about sex and relationships, aimed at British youth of all genders and orientations.

Helping youth handle rejection - this great article from Scarleteen is also relevant if you're an adult "self-parenting".

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