Love, not anger

Beyond Involuntary Celibacy

Love Not Anger is a project to research how lonely people might find respectful love, instead of being stuck in anger. We envision a society where everyone can find the love they want, while respecting other people.

Many people of all genders find themselves lonely, unable to find dating or sexual partners, for many reasons. Nobody is entitled to sex, but everybody deserves love and respect. Can we help each other find happiness, instead of descending into anger, hatred and violence?

Academics, journalists and mental health professionals are now invited to collaborate in researching how to support people who are lonely for love. This will lead to developing helpful information and support services. We are seeking partnerships with non-profit organizations to do this work.

Love Not Anger was founded on April 28, 2018 by Alana, who originated Involuntary Celibacy in the late 1990s. Alana is writing a book about lonely people overcoming dating difficulties; subscribe to the newsletter to find out when the book is released!