Love Train Social Club

How about an okay-ish :) professional and way cool international and club DJ appearing at your lockdown party virtually?
It's easy! Find your party on Mixcloud

Love Train Social Club has prepared a few cool dance oriented DJ mixes with no knackered banter for your special get together. All you do is click the link on Mixcloud and turn your speakers UP......

DJ Davy with a knockout mix of Soul, Motown, 70s/80s Disco, Funk, Motown, Stax, Mixes, Atlantic, House Hits, Reggae and Rocksteady is available now!

Well respected International and leading Club DJ. Former UK DJ of the Year Finalist (Thrice). Available now for way cool and Soul focused virtual DJ parties... Pubs and Clubs welcome and of course at home parties. No knackered banter or mumbling from yours truly!

Ex Top Rank (Rank Leisure) , Mecca, Academy, IDEA Denmark/Germany (Norway tour for 3 years), Fiesta Suite (Plymouth mega club 4 years), 15 years in California with my own Get Ritzy Disc Jockey Co.

No massive Ego - Classy presentation with stinging jingles, sweepers and beds. Mixing is OK, I do try.

Affordable personalised jingles (just like on the radio) are available at short notice.

UK DJ of the Year Finalist three times

Call 07307 607395 Twitter: