About Love Train

Love Train Social Club Radio has been a LONG time coming. DJ Davy the founder is a semi retired professional club DJ and a popular touring DJ in Norway where he worked for almost three years. David lived in the United States for 15 years and ran a very popular event and wedding DJ/MC service in the San Francisco Bay Area. Get Ritzy DJ Company was wonderful and David enjoyed all his gigs from the Top of the Mark in San Francisco to the very plush Sonoma Mission Inn and Spa.

David injured his foot quite badly (at a top event venue) and was forced to stop jocking for a few years in 2005.

Back to England with his lovely wife, Liz, who is a Detroit (MOTOWN) native and David set his eyes on radio. The name Love Train Social Club came about quite simply! David loves all genre’s of Soul Music from, you guessed it, Love Train by the O’Jays to rare Southern USA Funk…. Soul Music is meant for dancing and socialising …. and there it was.

David is taking an age to set everything up as he is very particular when it comes to music and it’s presentation. A lot of research has gone into LTSC Radio

Thanks for stopping! Keep it FUNKY!

billy paul plymouth