Fitzgerald Area Men's Conference

AUGUST 10 - 11, 2018



Bob Reccord returns as our keynote speaker for our men's conference. Bob has been a business executive, as well as serving as pastor for churches in 3 states. He served as the founding President for the Southern Baptist North American Mission Board for 9 years during which two of the many highlights were than FEMA certified Disaster Relief Volunteers increased from approximately 13,500 in 1997 to over 52,000 and over 14,000 new churches were planted across North America.

SInce 2008 Bob has spoken to over 250,000 men, been the keynote speaker for the NRA national Prayer Breakfast in Houston, led the respected Council for National Policy in Washington DC and spoken for the Right to Life gatherings across the nation. Bob is an avid hunter, having hunted the spectrum from large game in North America to big game (including lion and Cape Buffalo) overseas. He has written 8 books and is presently expanding and updating his best selling BENEATH THE SURFACE. But most important of all, Bob is a husband of 46 years, the father of 3 and the grandfather of 6.


Friday Aug. 10 Saturday Aug 11

5:00 - Supper 7:45 a.m. - Breakfast

6:00 - Music 8:30 a.m. - Conference

7:00 - Conference

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