How to Retain the Ability to Love Your Child Unconditionally

You love your child in the perfect way when you do not ask anything in return. Although, reducing your expectations this way is a hard thing to do but it’s not something you cannot do. Here, I do not mean to say that you shouldn’t believe in the ability of your child to love you. It is more about how you can love unconditionally and teaching your child to get the same ability.

In order to feel what unconditional love is, you need to love yourself. Although, you need to scrutinize yourself over time but making this habit permanent would put you at the risk of hating yourself. There should be times when you would love yourself by accepting your errors and weaknesses.

The benefit of this self-compassion is that it helps in strengthening one’s ability to control emotions. Remember, anger and unnecessary kind of self-defense is created due to a person’s tendency to find justifications for the errors and failures. When you accept your failures, you will come to realize that humans are not perfect beings. Hence, you will also realize that it is unwise to hate a person because of his errors or failures.


Self-compassion is more like parenting which you are doing to yourself. Although, you can declare yourself a perfect being, you also need to make sure that you have the capability to correct your errors. So, you need to be compassionate to yourself while keeping in mind that you, like everyone else, has the weaknesses and shortcomings. If you have this attitude towards yourself, you are definitely going to be compassionate for your children. This is the way you can be a positive parent.

Repair the connection and relationship as soon as possible

Remember, you have the extended authority when it comes to the relationship between you and your child. So, when you have a negative interaction with your kid, try to repair this connection and relationship immediately by offering an apology. This way, you will not only be able to retain strength in the relationship with your child but you will also be able to make yourself more loving and caring.


Meditation is the process which is only associated with your self-being. You try to be calm and quiet, and forget about the worries of life during mediation. So, it literally means that you love and care about yourself. Another major advantage of meditation is that it changes the way your brain sends and receives signals; and this change is always for good. If it is hard to find 10 minutes for mediation, the least you can do is listening to the mediation audio.

Support yourself

Parenting is one of the hardest things to do in life. Sometimes, you may get into a problem which you might find difficult to resolve. Your best bet here is to give yourself some support and assure yourself that you are better than that. With this mindset, you are definitely going to come out victorious.