Work with me

Everyone has time, it's just how we use it, spend it, live within it.

Everyone needs space. If it's our own space to develop, our own space for quiet, our own space to explore.

We all use words, whether it's talking with someone, joining a group, writing, or even our inner voice.

By tailoring your life-caregiving needs within these three realms, herein lie the possibilities of infinite opportunity. You will grow in awareness of the love and care you need for yourself.

Whether it's finding your footing or trailblazing new behaviors, I am merely your guide, walking with you on your journey inward, stopping at a number of places for the purpose of seeing the sights and scenery within you.

Your inner map will be made clear as the inward travel you invite provides the continual adventure of caregiving your life.

If you're interested in working together, check out the links below.

For travelers who want to focus on their individual goals and prefer a 'solo-hike.'

For humans who want to share their story and experiences with a community.